Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Potato Chip Junkie Cure- Spicy Roasted Chick Peas

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I am not much of a sweet-eater. Cookies, cakes and candy do nothing for me. I could care less. Please don't hate me. Place a bag of potato chips in front of me, however, and all bets are off.  I find chips almost impossible to resist.

I never buy chips. I refuse to keep them in the house. They will call out to me in the middle of the night. There  were times, back when I was a lazy vegetarian, when I would eat Doritos and wine and call it dinner. My logic? I was too tired, stressed, over-worked, or lazy to cook and because Doritos didn't contain meat, they were perfectly okay for me to eat.  I've come a long way since then. Now, Doritos are the devil. They're nothing more than chemically-dusted death triangles.  I'd rather spray plain tortilla chips with Raid and eat those instead. That's what I tell myself when tempted to reach for a handful at a party or gathering. I avoid Doritos like the plague. Potato chips, however, still make me weak in the knees.

Okay, for the record, potato chips and their crunchy cousins (tortilla chips, corn chips, etc.) are vegan as long as they're not covered in cheese-flavored powder and don't contain any sort of milk products. So that leaves out the sour cream and onion or cheese flavored varieties. That's okay, I don't really like those anyway. I like the plain old chips made of fried potatoes and lots of salt. Forget those bags of baked chips. I don't like those at all and they are mostly artificial. Pretzels are crunchy and salty but I don't really care for them, either. Yes, I know there are healthier chip choices out there. There are plenty of brands in my local health food store. I don't buy them. They might be better but a whole bag of better is still not good because I am like a junkie when it comes to chips. I can't stop until I've eaten the whole bag and then I want more.

So what do I do when a crunchy, salty, snack craving strikes? It's Spicy Roasted Chick Peas to the rescue. They are wholesome, rich in protein, low in fat, and all natural. They're basically roasted beans tossed with salt, spices and bit of oil.  I can whip these up in about an hour. Yes, it's quicker and easier to rip open a bag of chips but these are worth the wait and the house smells amazing as they're roasting. This crunchy snack is also very filling, so it's impossible to eat large quantities. Perfect!

Here's the recipe:
Spicy Roasted Chick Peas

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cynfully Good Lipsticks!

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 Every once in awhile, I find an awesome product that I just have to share! Right now, I am totally in love with Red Apple Lipsticks! These lipsticks are eco-friendly, vegan, parbaben-free, and the selection of colors are to die for!

They have lipsticks, lip pencils, lip glosses; everything you need for healthy, sexy, kissable lips!

What we put on our faces (and our lips) is just as important as what we eat! 

Check out their website:

Red Apple Lipstick

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs

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Forget chocolate Easter Bunnies and jellybeans. And those marshmallow Peeps? YUCK! Pure crap. Pure sugar. Pure disaster.

Make these instead: Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs. Nothing artificial here. No worries. No guilt. No sugar coma!

Give them a try.

Here's the recipe:

Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs