Friday, May 11, 2012

Not Your Mama's Au-Gratin

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If you are craving comfort food; look no further than this: Mushroom Basil Au-Gratin! This is not your mother's Au-Gratin. I am sorry to say, no matter how satisfying and delicious mom's recipe is; it's loaded with fat and calories. That's because it's made with butter and milk.

This recipe is completely vegan. The rich, creaminess comes from cashews. That's right. The end result: An extravagant, satisfying, protein rich, healthy meal. This dish is also a good source of Vitamin D; thanks to the mushrooms. Mushrooms are nature's only source of Vitamin D. Except for the sun, that is.....

Here's the recipe:
Mushroom Basil Au-Gratin


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