Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cure the Winter Blues

I don't know about you, but I am sick of winter.  I am tired of the cold, the wind, the rain, and the snow.  Don't get me wrong, I love when it snows.  It's beautiful.  It's peaceful. Everything looks as if it is covered with a blanket of pure white when it snows and the world is clean for awhile.  A major snow storm once or twice a week, the shoveling, the ice, and the train delays are another story.  I can't take anymore. This has been the most brutal winter I can remember.

Last week the temperature climbed up into the high 50's! It was wonderful. No chattering teeth and knocking knees while waiting on the train platform.  No gloves or extra long scarf wrapped around my face and neck to prevent frostbite or wind burn were needed. The next day, however, we were back to a chilling 19degrees. We must have pissed off Mother Nature in a big way. What a tease!

I stumbled across this great blog site today by fellow nutritional consultant.  She is lives in Canada.  She really knows a thing or two about rough weather and winter blues.  She also posted a delicious recipe for Coconut Dal that I have to share.  I love dal.  It is an indian soup, made from beans and loaded with exotic, warming spices.  The perfect meal after a day of playing out in the snow or a long, painful commute back and forth to work.  It's fairly simple to make, very nutritious, completely vegan and oh so healing.
Here's her lovely blog and the recipe.....

Coconut Dal and a Cure for Winter Blues

This is Cynfully Good......

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