Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Never Feed Your Baby Food from a Jar Again!!

The Baby Bullet - just like the original Magic Bullet (blender/food processor) but wth all kinds of extras. Years ago, when my son was a baby, I cooked and prepared ALL his food myself. I put it in a food processor, then froze it all in icecube trays. I always had fresh, homemade food on hand--all I had to do was pop a few cubes out of the trays, defrost and heat-- fruit, veggies, sweet potatoes, even chicken! He NEVER ate food from a jar!

The food processor I had back then was expensive and huge-- it took up almost all my kitchen counter space. THIS product is perfect! It's so easy to use and this is the perfect start to a lifetime of healthy eating for your precious baby!
The Baby Bullet Video and Ordering Info

Healthy food you make at home for your baby? Cynfully Good...........

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