Saturday, December 24, 2011

Survive Holidays and Beyond......A Few Cynfully Good Tips!

This is the first time since I started my consulting practice that I haven't been sharing a continuous flow of the latest and greatest tips and recipes to help you survive the Holiday Season without compromising your weight loss or wellness efforts. Every recipe I post here, I attempt first in my own kitchen. Honestly, I just don't have the time to do all that right now.

At first, I felt like a failure and a bit of a let-down to my fans but punishing myself really profits no one- especially NOT ME! It doesn't diminish the fact that I am faithful and dedicated to providing a necessary service. It simply means I am being faithful and dedicated in other areas of my life and the lives of my loved ones.

This doesn't stop me from thinking of you nor does it mean I am not ready, willing and able to offer my opinions, advice or services. I still own and operate a thriving Nutritional Consulting Practice and meet with clients regularly. But my time is so limited these days and will become even more so when the New Year arrives. This means I will be posting here on this site less often. I do promise what I do post will be grand, tested, tried and true!

You already KNOW what to do! You already KNOW how to eat! It's simply a matter of transferring that knowledge from your head to your heart and soul.  Good health becomes a daily practice when it truly becomes a part of you- body, mind and spirit!  

I would like to take a moment now and offer a few healthy strategies to help you survive the holidays. These are nothing new but I can guarantee that if you apply these simple tips, you will sail through the season peacefully, lovingly, and without completely sabotaging your health or weight.

1. Your body is a temple. Treat it with tenderness, love and respect.
2.  Alcohol is toxic. Go easy on the booze and never, ever drink and drive! Don't let your friends drink and drive, either.
3. Give yourself a day or two of grace and EAT!  It's okay to indulge a little. Enjoy your favorite holiday treats and dishes. Have a cookie (or two), a piece of pie, or a second helping of mashed potatoes. Monday,  get right back to your healthy eating plan- no exceptions, no excuses!   And NO BEATING YOURSELF UP for what you did eat over Christmas. That's a sure-fire way to keep packing on the pounds right straight through 'til springtime. GRACE. Learn the word and practice it.
4. Don't stress over the things you didn't get done. Focus on the things you accomplished and give yourself a nice pat on the back. And don't forget to compliment and acknowledge others.
5. Simplicity is always best. Keep it simple. Simple decorations, simple gifts from the heart, simple gift wrapping, simple food.
6.  Give yourself permission to laugh, hug, cry, sing Christmas Carols at the top of your lungs, and to say "I love you". Give others permission to do the same.
7.  Sneak in some exercise. Dance, jog, do yoga, take the stairs, walk, play football. If you are lucky enough to have a White Christmas this year- get outside and play in the snow.
8. The greatest gifts you can give to others are  love, grace, generosity, and forgiveness.
9.  Be thankful. Shift the focus from what you don't have on to what you do have. 
10. Be true to yourself and let others see who you truly are. Be genuine, be real, be true to your own personal convictions, dreams and ideas. This is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

May you be blessed beyond measure this holiday season with gifts that money cannot buy.
Merry Christmas!

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