Monday, September 26, 2011

Cynfully Good O. J.

My dad LOVES orange juice. He drinks a glass every morning.  Many people do.  Lately, my mom has been complaining about the cost of a carton of orange juice, so I suggested she do what I do--- make it herself!

It's really easy, inexpensive, and when you squeeze your own juice from fresh oranges, you are getting all that juice and vitamin C and NOTHING else! No added sugar, no preservatives- just orange juice.

You might be rolling your eyes at me right about now. Who has the time to squeeze fresh orange juice?  Yes, it's so much easier to just open a carton and pour. But my way is so simple, you will never buy orange juice again!

Here's what you need:
2 oranges (organic are best but if you can't find them or the cost is outrageous, use conventional oranges and scrub the skins well before using)
a fork
a small juice glass

Cut each orange in half.  Hold  the orange half over the juice glass. Take your fork and insert it into the orange flesh and twist the fork so the juice begins to pour out into the glass.  Two oranges should fill your glass. If desired, scrap the orange flesh with the fork into your glass as well for O.J. with pulp. If you like your orange juice very cold, put the oranges in the fridge the night before.

This literally takes less than a minute to do and you are getting a glass of pure, natural, un-adulterated juice. All you need is a small glass. Forget those big glasses of O.J!  No one should be starting their day with THAT much sugar- natural or not!

I drink a glass of this every day. My son woke up with a little sore throat this morning, so I made him a glass, as well.'s a little beauty secret. A couple of times a week, I reserve a tiny bit of my freshly squeezed O.J., dip a cotton ball into the glass, and use it as a toner on my face! The citrus fragrance perks me right up.  I love doing this because I am feeding my skin pure, living energy!  It makes my face feel fresh and healthy.  Use caution if your skin is very sensitive, however. If stinging occurs, dip a cotton ball into some milk and wipe over your face to soothe it. And always avoid your eyes!!

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