Monday, September 26, 2011

Lip Gloss Good Enough to Eat.............

I adore finding new and exciting products and here is one I think most ladies are going to LOVE!
Certified organic lip gloss made with products that are good enough to actually eat.


And.....there are anti-oxidants thrown into the mix so these glosses are actually GOOD for your lips, too!  :)

I always wear lipstick or lip gloss but sometimes, the products taste down-right awful- even the natural types. So if I can taste it, what does my guy think when he kisses me?  If my lips taste artificial or waxy he might not want a second kiss......

I want my lips to be sweet, kissable and unforgettable........don't you?

Intelligent Nutrients Natural Lip Gloss to the rescue!!!

Here's the link:
Intelligent Nutrients Natural Lip Gloss

This is Cynfully Good stuff!!!

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