Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have Your Cake........

By now, you all know I am all about health, wellness and healthy eating. But, I am also realistic and would never expect or insist that everyone eat exactly the same way I do! I do not believe in starvation or deprivation as a means to weight-loss (or weight release, as I call it).  I believe in lifestyle change. That is the only way! Once in awhile, in moderation, everything is okay-- the key is MODERATION!

That being said, every once in awhile, we want cake! In a perfect world (MY PERFECT WORLD) it would be something home made, baked with love, whole wheat pastry flour and fruit instead of sugar. But I know that can't always be the case.

In my travels today, I found something so ingenious, so perfect. I could kick myself a hundred times for not coming up with this idea myself! Tiny mini cakes. They look exactly like big cakes (the kind you buy at the bakery for birthdays and special occasions.). They are just mini versions- enough to feed two or three people.  

So there I was in the grocery store, snapping photos with my Blackberry of these of little mini cakes. I just couldn't get over what a clever idea this is.

Sometimes you want cake. But, you don't want the whole cake. After your special occasion and a slice or two, what happens? Unless you are the most disciplined person in the world or throw the rest away, YOU ARE GOING TO EAT MORE CAKE! It's there, on the counter or in the fridge, calling you. All your healthy eating or weight release efforts fall apart over a cake! 

The solution? Bring home one of these mini cakes! Problem solved!

And as I searched through the bakery case, look what else I found?

Cheese cake! Two perfect slices packaged and ready to go! So now you can enjoy a slice and share one (or don't share it) and then it's gone. Isn't this better than having an entire cheese cake around the house?

I found these little mini-cakes at Compare Market. It's a Latin grocery store near my home. I shop there because they carry a large variety of organic fruits and vegetables. If I happen to see them any place else, I will let you know.

Having your cake and eating it too? Definitely, Cynfully Good!

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