Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is Diet Soda Making You GAIN Weight?

Before you reach for that next DIET SODA, you really should think about it first.  As far as I am concerned, you might as well take cola syrup, add seltzer for fizz, and stir in a few teaspoons of rat poison. That's what it is: POISON!

If that isn't dramatic enough for you, maybe this will change your mind about diet soda. Studies show it can actually make you gain weight.

Wait a minute.....say WHAT?

Almost every single person I know (especially women) drinks diet soda. Why? Tasty, refreshing, no calories! Diet soda is nothing less than a miracle! You can drink it by the gallon and never gain a pound!

Did you really think you could get off that easily? :)

I never drink diet soda. I believe it is the worst drink I can put into my body. If I do happen to have a soda ( a very rare occurrence), it's the regular kind. With REGULAR sugar! And that's only when there is nothing else around for me to drink. ( I hate tap water). When and if I do drink a soda, it's the clear kind: ginger ale, Sprite, 7UP. Usually it's regular old seltzer with a splash of orange or cranberry if  I am at a party and not drinking alcohol. Never, ever cola.

I won't get into all dangers of  diet soda (all those artificial sweeteners are so bad, bad, bad) because no matter how often I talk about that, people still can't seem kick their diet soda habit.

So let me hit you where it hurts.

If you drink diet soda because it's calorie-free and therefore it's helping you to lose weight (or preventing you from gaining weight), eventually it will do just the opposite.

Here's the article to support all this! Read it and weep......

Is Diet Soda Making You Gain Weight?

Okay, you can dry your eyes now! I would never take something away from you without replacing it with something else!  There are other products out there just as refreshing and low in calories as your beloved diet soda. I need to be honest, though. You might need to fine-tune your taste-buds a bit and acclimate yourself to REAL flavor. You see, you are so accustomed to that artificially sweet and syrupy pleasure of diet soda, that you no can longer enjoy the taste of simple, natural and healthy.

You can make your own calorie-free soft drinks. That's the best way. If you are addicted to fizz, try making your drinks with sparkling spring water. It's better for you than seltzer. Seltzer has no calories, but it does have sodium. And watch out for flavored seltzers and waters. Those are loaded with artificial ingredients and if the bottle says sugar-free, usually that means artificial sweeteners. You want to avoid those.

Buy yourself a bottle (glass- not plastic) of plain sparkling spring water and add your own fresh fruit. Lemon slices, orange slices, lime. You can even squeeze some of the juice from your fruit into it. Pour your drink in a big pitcher or a wine glass and enjoy.

If this isn't flavorful enough for you, add a few splashes of juice to your sparkling water: orange, graperfruit, apple, pomegranate, cranberry. Buy the healthiest, most natural, organic brands of juice you can find. Again, stay away from the ones that say sugar free or zero calories. ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!

You are probably having a slight panic attack right about now because you believe juice is FATTENING! It could be,  if you drink it in excess. It's loaded with sugar- whether it's white processed sugar or natural sugar - it's still sugar. Here's the way I look at it. Juice is not calorie free, however, you are cutting the juice with the water. Enjoying a glass or two a day is NOT GOING TO MAKE YOU FAT!!!

If mixing your own drinks is way too much work for you, here's an alternative.

R. W. Knudsens makes the best natural "soft" drinks. This one happens to be my favorite: Cucumber Sparkling Essence. Talk about refreshing! I can pronounce all the ingredients listed on the can, therefore I can enjoy this drink occasionally without worrying what it's going to do to my body. 

This company distributes a whole array of healthy products. You can find them in any health food store and some regular grocery stores, as well.

Here's their website:

R.W. Knudsen Family

You only get one body. Nourish it and treat it well. Fill it with food and drinks that are Cynfully Good......

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