Thursday, August 11, 2011

Avocado Salad Sandwich

My all-time favorite sandwich is egg-salad! Freshly made, mixed with lots of fattening mayo on toasted whole-grain bread! Oh. My. Goodness! Delish! There are times I wake up craving such a sandwich. I think it's the fat and the consistency of the egg-salad that I desire but since I am Vegan, eggs are no longer a part of my diet.

I have had "eggless" egg-salad. It's made from crumbled tofu and mixed with spices like tumeric (to give it that nice yellow color).  It's pretty good but I try not to rely on too much tofu and soy products in my diet.

So what's a gal to do?

Avocados! I love avocados. They have that creamy, full-fat consistency I crave. Most people shy away from avocados BUT they are full of vitamins, nutrients and "good" fat. It all you depends on how you eat them or what you eat them with. Avocado in a salad, chopped up in your bean dishes, as a snack, or served with your veggie burritos (minus the fatty cheese) = GOOD. Avocado on top of your fatty, greasy cheese-burger deluxe platter at the diner = NOT SO GOOD!

When I want something that reminds me of egg-salad, here's what I do:

I take one very ripe avocado, peel it and mash it in a bowl. I don't cream it, I want it to stay slightly chunky- like egg-salad. Occasionally I will add about a teaspoon or two of Nayonaisse (Vegan mayo without the eggs and unhealthy fat). Then I mix in some very finely minced fresh onion (about a tablespoon), sea salt, pepper, sometimes a dash of cumin. Then I pile it high on toasted whole grain bread, add a slice of fresh tomato and some alfalfa sprouts if I have them.  The avocado mixture is enough for two sandwiches or a very hearty sandwich for one!

If you don't want the bread, scoop the mixture into lettuce leaves and roll them up like tortillas or just mix it into a big, green tossed salad.

So Cynfully Good..........

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