Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Bella Philly Sandwiches

For those of you who think eating well is boring......

For the ones who believe eating REAL food means unsatisfying, unappealing meals.....

And the skeptics who are convinced a vegan or vegetarian diet is nothing more than steamed veggies and tofu......

THINK AGAIN!!!!!  I am about to prove you wrong with this:

Baby Bella Philly Sandwiches

makes 2-3 sandwiches

1 8oz pack of sliced Baby Bella mushrooms
2 tablespoons flour, seasoned with pinch garlic powder, salt and pepper
2 teaspoons olive oil
1 onion, sliced thin
1 red or green bell pepper sliced thin
1 garlic clove, minced
1 pinch dried oregano
salt and pepper to taste
2-3 tablespoons of water, vegetable broth or red wine
4 slices of Galaxy Provolone style vegan cheese (or regular provolone if you eat dairy)
2-3 whole wheat hoagie rolls, split & drizzled with olive oil and lightly sprinkled with garlic powder
Steak Sauce, for serving

Toss sliced mushrooms with seasoned flour until lightly coated, set aside.

In a large non stick skillet, heat 2 teaspoons of olive oil and add mushrooms to pan. Cook mushrooms over medium heat until they start to brown, about 5-7 minutes. Set aside.

In same pan, add garlic, onions and peppers and season with salt, pepper and dried oregano. Cook until lightly browned and soft about 7 minutes. Add two tablespoons of liquid (water, vegetable broth or red wine) to pan to deglaze.
Stir vegetables to pick up all the flavors from bottom of pan and set aside.

Place seasoned split rolls under broiler for about 1-2 minutes until lightly toasted. Take rolls out of oven, fill with mushrooms, then onion and pepper mixture then top with provolone cheese. Place sandwiches back under broiler and cook for about 1 minute or until cheese is bubbly, watching carefully to not burn.

Serve with your favorite steak sauce

Meatless, satisfying and good for you......This is Cynfully Good eating!

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