Saturday, August 13, 2011

Make Your Own Bath Salts

I have a slight confession to make. After hard day, I love to soak in nice warm scented bath. I am addicted to bath and body products- especially bath salts and scrubs. I just love how my skin feels after I use them.

I used to spend a small fortune on that sort of stuff and acquired quite a collection of jars of salts and scrubs:
Lavender scented bath salts to help me unwind
Citrus to wake me up
Vanilla or Chocolate scented to make me smell good enough to taste
Musk or Sandalwood when I am feeling sexy......(what can I say? Dark, earthy, woods-ey fragrances turn me on!)

Much to my dismay, I discovered that most of my beloved bath salts and scrubs were nothing more than jars and tubes of artifical ingredients. The ones that smelled good enough to eat- tasted awful. Yes..... I actually tried them. If they are made of artificial ingredients and taste god-awful, what are they doing for my body? They definitely do the job of removing old, dry skin to reveal new, fresh and lovely skin.  New, fresh and lovely skin is now covered with a film of chemicals! NO THANKS!!!

There are natural bath salts out there, but they can be expensive. I do try to buy as many natural, organic, eco-friendly products as possible, but just everyone else, I am trying to save money.  It certainly doesn't make sense spending my hard-earned cash on something I can make myself! Yeah, yeah. Time is money. My time is as precious and as limited as yours. You have to weight it out.

So, I started making my own bath salts. It takes less than five minutes. I can add whatever ingredients or scented oils I want.  In the long-run, I am saving time, money and I know exactly what I am putting on and in my body because I mixed it up myself!

Here's how to make your own! Explore, have fun, put them in glass jars, tie satin ribbons or raffia around them to make them pretty. If you're willing to part with your gorgeous creations, give a few away as gifts.


Enjoy your very own Cynfully Good, all natural, skin softening, mood-altering bath salts.

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