Thursday, March 3, 2011

Forget Chicken Soup! Kale Almond Butter Red Miso Soup is so Healing

Yuck! The aches and pains, runny nose, scratchy throat, coughing, sneezing, and pure exhaustion of a cold or the flu.  You just want to hide under the covers and disappear for awhile.  A cold is irritating to say the least and the flu--it can stop you in your tracks for a week, sometimes longer.

The good old fashioned remedy? Chicken Soup! We cook it ourselves, we open a can, or if we are lucky enough, someone brings us over a large pot of delicious, homemade stuff  the minute they learn we are sick. Grandma swears by its healing properties and abilities to cure anything. 

I have been a vegan for years so I don't do chicken soup (much to my mother's dismay).  I rarely get sick but when I do, I reach for Miso Soup.  Miso soup is a simple broth made from filtered water, a few root vegetables, and miso paste.  Miso is usually made from fermented soybeans and then ground into a buttery textured paste. Miso can also be made with added barley, rice, or wheat to aid in the fermenting process.
  • Miso is high in the minerals iron, copper and manganese
  • Miso is often recommended for vegans to eat regularly because it is naturally high in protein, vitamin K, and vitamin B12.
  • Miso is rich in the immune boosting mineral zinc.
  • Miso is great for the digestive tract because it it high in fiber and probiotics  Tip: When buying miso look for an organic brand without added MSG.
    Tip: Most stores sell several kinds of miso. The most common types of miso are red and yellow. The biggest difference between different types of Miso is flavor so it may take trying a few different types to find the right miso for you.

You will always find Miso Soup on the menu at any Japanese restaurant but is very simple to make at home, too. Here is a delicious and wonderfully healing recipe for Kale Almond Butter Red Miso Soup.  The almond butter lends a slight richness to the soup, a delightful nutty flavor, and extra protein.  You can make it ahead of time and gently reheat it (don't allow it to boil when reheating).  
The next time you are under the weather, take the day off, wrap your warmest, fluffiest comforter around you, and sit and sip this soup. I promise you will feel so much better. 

This is so Cynfully Good......


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